Jamie Bilgo Bruchman

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Artist Statement

Nature is my true release; a place to feel small, to question and observe - ultimately, a place to feel grounded. The variety of structures, species and adaptive phenomenon is an immense well of curiosity for me. My work is a reflection of my investigations and gathering, often weaving between physical micro/macro patterns and dipping into spiritual metaphors.

The historical and modern incorporation of flora and fauna into daily life is of deep influence to my work. Natural elements and myths are found across cultures on objects like textiles, accessories, ceramics and doorways. These same elements are also incorporated into practices like yoga and shamanic worship to achieve peace in the body, and in stories describing the seasons of life.

I love the idea of art as alchemy. Experimentation with process--blending painting, printmaking, installation, photographic and textile techniques--allows me to play with building up and breaking down patterns and textures in an effort to emulate and navigate complex visual, natural and emotional environments.

“I really love printmaking. It’s like a mystery and you’re trying to figure out how to rein it in.”
—Kiki Smith

Jamie Bilgo Bruchman is a mixed media artist & printmaker. Jamie earned her BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and studied abroad in Peru and Italy. She has exhibited throughout the Milwaukee area for over 10 years and completed her 2-year Artist in Residence program at RedLine Milwaukee in 2016.

As part of her passion for creating community, Jamie organized & curated the first official SWAN Day MKE exhibition in March 2016 (Support Women Artists Now Day) at RedLine Milwaukee. The third evolution of SWAN Day MKE will be held this year on March 24 at the Urban Ecology Center Menomonee Valley, where she serves as the Art Committee Chair. Jamie has also been a part of community exhibits & workshops at RedLine Milwaukee, Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, MOWA, John Michael Kohler Arts Center and was the 414 Artist Feature at MAM After Dark.